Common Questions Regarding Scattering Ashes at Sea


The Pu'olu pictured is a beautiful and traditional Hawaiian ti leaf enclosure lined with a water-soluble and bio-degradable bag and topped with a beautiful flower haku. By enclosing the ashes in this all natural, green urn until it is placed in the Pacific Ocean, your family eliminates potential ash blowback.

What questions should I ask a burial at sea company?

Is the boat you have selected for your group, Coast Guard approved & certified?  Does the company carry commercial liability insurance?  Will an unattended and unscheduled ash scattering be performed within 30 days?  Are those involved in the Burial at Sea USCG licensed Captains?  Are all your questions answered to your satisfaction?

Tradewind Charters, Inc., dba Hawaii Ash Scatterings has met these requirements for over 25 years.  In these times when personal service is hard to find, we trust you will find our services exceed your expections.

How far in advance do I need to make a charter reservation?

If you are flexible as to the date & time of your ash scattering charter we should be able to schedule on short notice. If you require a particular date, location, time, vessel, etc. we would highly recommend as much lead time as possible, (we have reservations with deposits as much as 2-3 years out).  That said, please contact us on any need with any lead time and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

How do make a reservation for this service?

Select a package & optional services you would like, complete the reservation & authorization forms, place your $200 deposit and ship the cremains to us.

How is Payment made and when?

Payment can be made online with PayPal; by mail with personal check, money order, cashiers check; or over the phone/fax with VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC credit cards.  A $200 deposit is required when placing your reservation with the balance usually taken care 30 days prior to your charter.

I've had the cremated remains for some time...What can I do now?

Many people choose to keep the cremated remains of a loved one at home for a while, sometimes years, before feeling the need to make a decision about their ultimate placement.  This is very common and no problem at all.  Call us for assistance.

For families on a tight budget, what do you offer?

For budget-conscious families & folks who find traveling to Hawaii not an option we offer, Unattended services land and at sea services.  These services can be also be scheduled to fall upon a particular date if requested.  We receive the cremains from you by USPS Priority Mail, conduct the dispersal and send you the Memorial Service certificate with the exact Global Positioning System coordinates of scattering.  Price for this service starts at $195.

How would the cremains be delivered to this service?

Hawaii Ash Scatterings recommends the use of USPS Priority Registered Mail.  The use of the United States Postal Service's registered mail is by far the most secure form of transportation, in addition to being fast, reliable and economical.  In the event the ashes cannot be mailed to Hawaii Ash Scatterings, handling fees well apply. For more information on handling fees, please visit our Handling Fee Schedule. Please go to Reservations for all the shipping details.

Are services available on weekends and at special times?

Yes, weekends are the most convenient time for most residents of Hawaii to gather together for the Burial at Sea service.  Our services are available 7days/week, year round.  For national & state holiday dispersals we may charge a 50% premium.  Charter times are totally flexible ranging from sunrise to well past sunset.

Can you accommodate special requests for scattering?

Yes, we will attempt to satisfy any special requests provided they are not in violation of governing state or federal statutes.

Do you scatter pet cremains?

Yes, we scatter pet cremains in a similar manner as human ashes.  Pricing is the same and includes a Memorial Certificate of your beloved pet.

What locations are available for ash scatterings on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii?

Our primary scattering areas are Mamala Bay and Maunalua Bay off the southern coast of the Honolulu coastline and Kaneohe Bay on the eastern shoreline.  Vessel departure is typically from Kewalo Basin which is located 1.5 miles west of Waikiki between downtown and Ala Moana Park.  Other at sea locations around Oahu are available for additional charges.  Aerial ash scatterings are over the Pacific Ocean offshore of Honolulu.  Call us to discuss hike-in ash scattering locations around Oahu.

What locations are available for ash scattering on Kauai, Maui & Big Island?

We offer departures from the major harbors on the Islands of Kauai, Maui & the Big Island.  Vessel pricing, services and availability are subject to change.

Would our family & guests be the only ones on the vessel ash scattering?

The vessel is exclusively yours for the duration of your memorial service charter.  Family and friends may conduct whatever type of memorial service they wish with our Captain assisting.

Can I revisit the scattering site later?

Yes, knowing the exact coordinates of the scattering site, we can take you to the same location for any memorial you have in mind.

How will I know when & where the unaccompanied scattering took place?

It is our policy to scatter remains as soon as possible after payment and receipt of the cremains.  You will receive a Memorial Certificate indicating the date, time & exact location of the scattering.  Our Captains always try to photo the dispersal location which we will email to you when available.

What about providing flowers?

Hawaiian tradition calls for flower petals to be dispersed with your loved ones ashes.  The bright, colorful flower petals serve as a marker to the dispersal location as we slowly circle the site and pay our last respects. Our guest usually order one basket of flower petals for every 3-4 guests.

Will we have any refreshments or meals on the vessel?

When reserving your charter be sure to mention that you would like beverage and/or meal service aboard during your private cruise.  All of our Silver & Gold Packages include beverage service and our Gold Package includes light pupus.  We have extensive bar and catering menus that can be arranged in advance. 

What is the aerial scattering procedure?

After we receive the urn containing the cremains, we schedule the dispersal flight as soon as possible.  We will fly to the approved dispersal location, complete the dispersal, record the coordinates and return.

What is the cost for Unaccompanied & Accompanied Aerial Dispersal Services?

Costs range from $1295 to $1495 aboard our sea plane.

Do your vessels have restrooms on board?

Yes, all of our vessels have 1-2 clean, private restrooms for your use.

Can we request something to be read while the scattering takes place?

Our captain or crew would be happy to read a verse, poem or special words you have selected and sent to us.  If you are accompanying us you may want to select our clergy option and have him join us for a personalized service.  We have available with lead time, Hawaiian Kahu's, Christian Pastors, Nondenominational officiants and Buddhist Priests.We have a minister's worksheet for you to complete if you would like this service.

Do you give our Veteran's of the armed services a discount?

Yes, we give a 10% charter package discount to all our deceased veterans' families.